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EMailFoto.jpg (5493 byte) Education and training
- 5 Diplomas as Industrial Expert (with following exams for professional application) in these specializations: Electrotechnics, Mechanics, Metallurgy, Thermotechnics and Building Constructions;
- Degree in Industrial Engineering (with thesis on "Solar Energy for Thermal and Electric Uses: Current Status and Future Prospects");
- Degree of Science in Mechanical Engineering (with thesis "Improving control in air conditioning systems for buildings: solutions for energy saving and environmental well-being");
- Master in Environment and Energy Management (with thesis on "Investment in the absence of tax incentives for energy saving actions in winter heating: economic, energetic and environmental assessment").
With these studies I have to fulfil the crescent interprofessionality demand above all in the Plant System Area, operating with the deontologique rules of the professional competence. Later in 1993, following my increasing interest for the study of
programming languages as BASIC, VISUALBASIC and C++, aimed to support my professional activity, I have carried out a full-immersion stage on English language technical improvement for a period of three months (August-November) at the Hastings's EF School (East-Sussex) in England.
Qualifications and experiences
Enrolled from 1983, member number 359, to the Industrial Experts College of Genoa's Province. In the same year I have had way to practice, my first experiences in thermal design engineering and electrical workers nearby SAGIT Ltd (GE). In 1986 I obtained the registration, with number GE359P64, in the Ministerial Directory for the Prevention Fires Certifications (law 818/84). In 1987 I have obtained the registration, member number 123, to Technical Advisers of the Court for category " Industrial " subcategory 8 "Burners and Heating Systems". From 1987 until today I carry out advising activity and technological design engineering, with regular registration to VAT Department. From December ' 95 to May ' 96, I have had the assignment from Professional Institute ENAIP of Chiavari (GE) to lead a professional refresher course, for thermal system installers, on the implementations previewed from law 46/90 (security of the systems) and from law 10/91 (energy saving). In 1997 I have obtained the qualification previewed from art.10 of Dlgs 494/96 (Coordinator for the planning and Coordinator for the execution of the works on building Yards).
From January to February 2001 I was  teaching on course " Plumbing, drainage and storm water systems refresh course on standards and criteria" organized by the Center of Professional Formation " A. Spinelli " of the Province of Genoa. For the "Industrial Experts College of Genoa" I have held the following courses: in 2002 "Active Systems for Fire Extinguish ", in 2004 "Economic Analysis of Energy Saving", in 2005: "Energy Saving Applications" and in 2006: "Solar Energy: Thermal and Electrical Uses", in 2007 "Building Energy Performance Certification".

Member since 2008 in the energy certification of buildings for Lombardia Region (No. 3036 in 08/02/2008) and for Liguria Region (N 43 in 27/03/2008). Member since 2009 in the energy certification of buildings for Emilia Romagna Region (No. 1664 in 06/07/2009).

Qualified in 2011 as professional mediator-conciliator in disputes in civil plants context (law Dlgs 28/2010).
Enrolled from 2009, member number 73 B section, to the Order of Engineers of Genoa's Province.
Enrolled from 2012, member number 9951 A section, to the Order of Engineers of Genoa's Province.
Associations and Continuos Tecnichal Formation
The continuous formation is a fundamental part of my daily activity and it engages about 30% of the my working time. The assiduous participation  at course of technical formation concurs me to exceed easily the triennial value of 60 formation credits for the “excellent professional idoneity” demands from the “Regulations of the Industrial Experts for the continuous formation”. Such strict rules (currently adopted only from the Industrial Experts), involve also the suspension from the profession exercise in case we do not have technical formation certified after 3 consecutive years.
But to my opinion the high level specialistic competence demanded in the energetic field needs necessary to anticipate the formation activities and the only way is to be actively present in Committees and Associations specialized in the energetic field. With this scope that I am an effective associate of the Italian Thermal Engineering Committee (CTI), effective associate of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Italian Association (AICARR) member of the Thermotechnical Commission of the CNPI and of the Italian Association of Metallurgy (AIM).
All this effort have only one aim: offer to the customer the maximum competence to the ordinary price.
Professional publishings
In 1989 I was put in charge from the SAGIT Electromechanical Constructions of Savignone (GE), company specialized in electrical assembly for the heating plants, to realize a technical vademecum bringing norms and recommendations for the realization of the systems electrical workers in the heating plants. In the vademecum has been processed a special table that correlates the characteristics of the buildings with the electrical working absorption of the pumps. In 1997 on number 7 of "L'installatore Italiano", magazine specialized in the field of the thermal systems, I have published an article on the administrative procedures for the use of heating plants, in particular reference to the prevention of fires standards. In 1999 I wrote another article in the Magazine "L'installatore Italiano", n.4, an article about the application of the law 46/90 in relation to the duty taken from DM 04/05/98 always with reference to the heating plants . In 2011 was published in the International   Conference on Corrosion, held in Rome in June 2011, a my case hystory titled "Heating system with accelerated corrosion for installation defects: the case Miramare of Genoa." In 2012 I published the number 5 of "The installer Italian" the work "Thermostatic radiator valves: are all the same?" in which are compared performance and cost of the main thermostatic valves on the market. Several technical articles are also published in the "Magazine del Perito Industriale" and on magazine "Engineers of Liguria".